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Welcome to the Meacham Family Web Site. My name is Darrell, I was born in Chicago, IL. and raised in a town called Hanover Park. I graduated from Elgin High School and joined the navy soon after. They sent me to boot camp in San Diego Ca, from there I was transferred to NAS Whidbey Island, Wa. where I did some training in VA-128 and then transferred to VA-165, both of which are A-6 squadrons. VA-165 was attached the the air wing that served on board the USS Constellation (CV-64). After four years I transferred to Pearl Harbor where I did a tour at Commander Submarine Force Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC), USS Robert E. Peary (FF-1073), Fleet Intelligence Center Pacific (FICPAC) and Joint Intelligence Center Pacific (JICPAC) after which I retired. Of course while on board the USS Constellation and USS Robert E. Peary I visited the following countries; Philippines, South Korea,Japan, Singapore,Hong Kong, Thailand, Western Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India, Diego Garcia, andMaldive Islands. After I retired I chose to stay in Hawaii because there is be no better place in the world to live. I currently live with my wife Luming and son Adam, my daughter Maricar, and my two granddaughters Princess and Precious live nearby, my daughter Jovylyn, her husband Paul, my granddaughter Kiara and grandsons PJ and RJ, live in Ewa Beach, and my daughter Marie, her husband Masaru and my granddaughterMaki live in Japan.
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